Hospitality Carts

Comfort and Care at the Bedside

If you see an RMHC Hospitality Cart in tow, smiles are coming your way. Volunteers deliver much-needed toiletries, snacks, fun games, books, and toys to parents and children in their hospital room at the bedside. Always arriving at “just the right time,” the volunteers and treats on the cart give an added boost of joy to the day.

A juice box, a cup of coffee, a coloring book, or all of the above? These are just some of the things our volunteers are handing out. 

Care We Provide

Volunteers Bring Smiles

We bring the comfort and support of RMHC to the bedside.

Snacks & Coffee

Sometimes you need a cup of coffee and a cookie (or two!)

Self-Care Matters

Something as simple as a coloring book or Play-Doh can make a difference.

Kindness on Wheels

All items on our carts are donated and free for families.


Get Involved

Hospitality Carts are currently in circulation at Cohen Children’s Medical Center and Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. We are seeking volunteers and donations for our hospitality carts. If you would like to get involved, please reach out!

Make a Difference for Families & Children

Parents don’t know when their children will need medical help. But they should know they can always access the care they need. And with your help, we can support them all throughout their journey.