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Tommy Tsunami

When Tommy was little, there was little we could do to keep him out of the ocean. He swam like a fish and loved jumping in the waves so much we gave him the nickname “Tommy Tsunami.” It seemed there was nothing that could keep him down.

When our Tommy Tsunami came down with a high fever that wouldn’t break and was having trouble breathing, we brought him to the hospital. Doctors and nurses intubated him immediately and pored over the test results, but could not diagnose what was attacking his young body. He became weaker by the day and was put on life support. Doctors suggested we say our goodbyes.

We stayed by his side, reminding him of the strength he used to crash through the waves with that earned him the nickname “Tsunami” and we prayed for him to get better. True to his name and the power of his spirit, our boy made a turn; he was able to breathe on his own, and we were on the road to recovery. That is when we found the Ronald McDonald House and the community that would support us through the months ahead.

The Ronald McDonald House was an experience like no other. The room we had was better than any hotel. We were able to sleep, recharge our bodies, and shower. The fantastic meals prepared by volunteers gave us nourishment, and the families we met in the dining room have become our family, joining the brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles supporting Tommy.

Living inside the walls of the Ronald McDonald House gave us moments of laughter, love, and hope, despite it being one of the most horrific times of our lives. When you give to RMHC New York Metro, you are giving families like mine courage and a community of support.