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Meet Amelia

Amelia has always been the sunshine of her parents’ lives; a sweet, beautiful girl who was a bit of an old soul. So, when she stopped acting like herself and became lethargic and in pain, they knew they had to bring her to the ER. Three days later, they received her cancer diagnosis and their lives changed in an instant.

They spent their lives at Amelia’s bedside and began to consider renting a nearby apartment so they could always be close by—until their social worker told them about the Ronald McDonald House.

Now they’re able to care for Amelia and for themselves, thanks to this home-away-from-home full of love, support, and princess dress-up. “When you’re going through something like this, you need to feel the good in humanity. The Ronald McDonald House gives you their heart, and that’s what makes them so amazing,” mom Christina says. “It’s a club you never wanted to belong to, but if you have to go through it, this is a wonderful family to go through it with.”

When you support the Ronald McDonald House by donating your time or money, you’re supporting families like these—and little rays of sunshine like Amelia.